Being cruel to be kind

I’ve always thought that the things I do in my garden are there to make it look better, so my recent activity has felt truly alien.

The lawn was the thing my grandad truly adored and pampered more than anything else, however I haven’t looked after it quite as well. The spread of dandelions has got to a point where something needed doing.

Before – the weed invasion

I cut out the weed and the massive tap root (not as easy as it sounds), filled the hole with top soil, sprinkled on grass seed, covered with more soil and gave it a good drink (water not fruit cider).

I’m not keen on how it looks so far, but my mom has assured me I’ve got to be cruel to be kind….the birds seem to have appreciated the lawn seed buffet as well🤦🏼‍♀️

After – dinner is served birdies


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