A new forest!

“I see you’re growing yourself a sycamore forest again Jen”

The dulcet (not so) tones of my neighbour each spring as it comes to the first mow of the year. He’ll have told me about 3 weeks earlier that I should have mown my lawn (even though it’s still far too wet), and I will have politely nodded and said “I know”.

Sycamore seedlings have become the bane of my life in my little sanctuary. They fly from a neighbouring tree and the following March these boisterous oafs set up camp in my borders, my lawn and even my pond! 

But I happily sit there like a gnome, hand weeding everything in sight and eventually my garden is sycamore free….until next year.

I’ve come to the conclusion that one day they will have to be my wedding bouquet😫


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