It all starts with a seed.

I have thought for a while as to what my first post should be about, that’s probably why it has taken me so long to start a blog. The past 4 odd years have raised many occasions I could witter on about, but I figured it should be about something that is important to me. So………….tomatoes!

My first experience of my granddads garden was as a kid coming to visit him and running up to the greenhouse to pick a ripe red tomato, biting into it and it being the epitome of freshness. So it only seemed right to attempt to grow some myself when I moved in, with some degrees of success and many occasions of plants falling over. I had no idea about taking side shoots out so I learnt quickly that I was out of my depth.

This year will be different though!

As I said, Gar-Gar (that’s my granddad), grew tomatoes, mainly Alicante and Moneymaker varieties, and as a result I get tomato seedlings growing as weeds within my greenhouse. Previously I would have pulled these as part of my weeding rituals but last year I grew 3 on, I had a cunning plan!

I grew them on, collected the vines of unripe green orbs at the end of September and stuck them next to my banana fruit bowl. Not to be able to eat the fruit, no matter how much I was tempted to taste my childhood. I let the tomatoes rot, much to the horror and disgust of any visitor that saw them and I now have what I call Gar-Gar seeds.Tom Seeds 1

Not that I have a competitive nature or anything, but as well as the joy of eating my own home grown food I also have a neighbour who gets extreme enjoyment out of comparing his garden to mine and pointing out all of the things I should be doing that I haven’t already.

I am currently awaiting the moment where he will ask me about them and see the look on his face when I declare “They are Gar-Gar’s toms”.

It all starts with a seed after all………………………..Jen x

Tom Seeds 4


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